We are a group of professionals with more than a decade of experience who have come together to provide industrial solutions through the development of engineering that involves the design, conceptual and basic engineering, and detailed engineering for the construction of chemical plants.



Based on a self-management structure with our collaborators, we develop cost-effective engineering solutions through the design and execution of high-quality projects, working as a team with collaborators and suppliers, with responsibility and efficiency through the planning, organization, and sustainable development of the services entrusted to us, prioritizing the satisfaction of our clients.


To stand out in the industry due to the quality, reliability, and responsibility with which we develop engineering for chemical plants in the national and international markets.



Quality: We perform our tasks in accordance with internal control systems that guarantee optimal results.

Participative management: All our employees are directly involved in the development of the projects and assume responsibility for the results.

Responsibility: We work in accordance with the commitments we have made to our stakeholders.

Efficiency: Our experience allows us to optimize resources to achieve the execution of profitable projects on time, always seeking to exceed our client's expectations.

Social responsibility: We are committed to generating decent jobs needed to achieve part of the sustainable development goals adopted by the UN.